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About Us
  Shaoxing Yuefa electric Co.,Ltd. is located in the historical and cultural city of Shaoxing sun side industrial area, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation. The company has many years of production experience in power supply, professional engaged in R & D and production of metal surface processing power.
   The products have been formed: high-frequency switching power supply, silicon controlled rectifier pulse power supply, precious metals, hard anodized aluminum pulse superposition power more than 20 varieties, can satisfy the different occasions field of metal surface treatment, different process requirements, and can according to customer needs, customized special non-standard power, effectively solves the special the user requirements.
   The company adhere to the quality of efficiency, extension services to the market philosophy, take the road of technological innovation, has made remarkable achievements. Many times by the relevant departments rated as advanced enterprises, technologically advanced enterprises. The company by virtue of excellent quality and excellent service, courage and enterprising, has formed a Zhejiang based, radiation nationwide sales, service network, showing a good momentum of marketing. The new period "more and more" will be better service, higher price, wholeheartedly for the general customer service.
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Sun side industrial park Shaoxing City Zhejiang Province